Move-in and move-out Furniture & Fixture Inventory Checklist. Prior to the Licensee moving into the rental, we, jointly with the Licensee, carry out a detailed inspection of the property, furniture and fixtures provided. Similarly at the time of moving out, we again conduct a detailed inspection of the property, furniture and fixtures. We then compare the move-out checklist with the move-in checklist for further action.


Regular inspections: We also undertake regular inspection of the property to ensure that the same has been well maintained by the tenants.


Quick redressal of any maintenance and repairs: We take all calls from your Licensee regarding any maintenance issues they may be experiencing and utilize the services of our pool of qualified, skilled and reasonably priced contractors.

The fair rental value of your property is determined by the empirical prices prevailing at the moment in the market. We look at recent transactions that have been concluded in the market in the recent past and use that as a benchmark to determine the fair rental value. We make adjustments to the above for apartment specific factors like floor, view from the apartment, no of parking slots, level and quality of furnishing etc. We also assess the overall demand supply scenario in the specific complex and locality in arriving at an estimate of rental value.

At the onset, we ensure that the owner does not bear any cost for such transition during the course of the agreement including cost of vacancy, paperwork etc. In such a scenario, Simplease will ensure that a revised agreement is executed and all necessary approvals are obtained. ntent

Given our experience of over 5 years in this line of business, we have had experience of handling all sorts of tenants and our response would vary depending on the situation at hand. Our endeavor is to find an amicable solution to most problems and have been successful in handling it that way. However, if an amicable solution is not found we ensure that we follow a lawful path to take necessary actions including eviction of tenants (if required).

The agreements used by us are vetted by a multiple lawyers to ensure that you are in compliance with the laws of the land. We ensure that appropriate clauses are included to protect your rights as a Licensor as well as ensuring the protection of the property. The agreement has been drafted to ensure that the respective rights and obligations of both parties are clearly spelt out to avoid any confusion later on.

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